Township Tour

The people of the townships of South Africa have a natural zest for life which bubbles over in exuberant spirit of song, smiles and sociability.

This half day walking tour enables you to engage with the community of the township for an unforgettable, warm and hospitable experience.

We are passionate about doing everything we can to assist with the empowerment and upliftment of the township communities and have therefore partnered with a wonderful gay-friendly, registered township tour guide, who grew up and lives in the township and is therefore perfectly positioned to give you an amazing insight on this tour.

You will experience a cultural welcoming as you visit Langa, the oldest township in South Africa and Khayelitsha, the second largest township in South Africa.  This is a walking tour with your local guide who our guests absolutely love and you will witness the enterprising spirit of the area with a visit to local craft markets, shebeen (local pub), school, orphanage, community centre and traditional healer.  A truly interactive tour, engaging with the communities.

This tour is for half a day and can be taken as a morning tour or an afternoon tour.

Rates R1,650 per person including hotel pick-up.

We are proud to support our local township communities and as such donate a portion of our profit from these tours to community projects.