Animal Encounter Tour

Just 2-hours drive from Cape Town sits Cornellskop, home to an array of animals from zebra to ostriches, wild dogs, cheetahs, lions, meerkats & caracals to name a few, many of which you can experience up close on their Animal Encounter Tour.
Cornellskop is a 118-hectare farm, providing sanctuary to many African animals. Owned and run by Luke Cornell, an avid animal lover and conservationist and assisted by nature guides Shané and Aaron, they provide an amazing Animal Encounter experience for those interested in learning more about the animals living on the farm. Their guided tours are both informative and interactive and their passion for imparting knowledge on each animals’ personality, needs and behaviours is infectious.

After hotel pickup we make our way to Cornellskop which with a comfort break takes around 2-hours. Upon arrival you have a briefing from your nature guide before starting the Animal Encounter experience which lasts around 2-2.5 hours. We’re usually met by Columbus the zebra, before moving onto the ostrich, wild dog, cape fox, albino porcupine, meercats, cheetah and caracal. Along with your guide you go into the enclosures with the cheetah, caracal and porcupine but the lions, hyena and wild dog are viewed from outside their enclosures for obvious reasons! It’s not everyday you can get up close with these magnificent animals. As our tour with the animals comes to an end, we stop for a delicious lunch nearby before starting our journey back to Cape Town, arriving back at your hotel late afternoon.

Rates R3,250 per person including hotel pickup and animal encounter.