Foodie Tour

For all ‘foodies’ out there, we have a half day tour to tantilise your taste buds. From street food to more trendy gourmet establishments, this afternoon walking tour takes you on a culinary journey.

On this tasty tour, we take in traditional African foods, Indian & Malaysian inspired cuisine, and Afrikaans and European influenced dishes, whilst enjoying the stories behind these intriguing dishes.

We start our culinary journey with downtown street food, focusing on the Indian and Malaysian influence that our history has created, and we taste the most delicious samosas and sweet koesisters.

We then move on to traditional African foods, and stop to sample pap, cabbage dishes and peanut sauces, that are still a favourite with millions of locals, before we hit a great establishment specialising in Afrikaans delights, and we taste some African meat, vetkoek and biltong, and take in the amazing roof top view over the City.

Our tour then takes in some local fish and slap chips, which we eat in the beautiful Company Gardens, and wash down with some local ginger beer, and we then stop for some specialized local coffee and a chocolate tasting.

As our afternoon moves on, we visit a local spice shop in the pretty Bo Kaap and sample babotie, and then hit the trendy Young Blood Gallery for gourmet rosterbrot, boerewors, fancy pap and a local township beer known as umqombothi.

Our last stop is then at Heritage Square where we rest our feet and enjoy a glass of local bubbles. This is a half day tour, starting at 12pm, and includes hotel pickup and all tastings (not available on Sundays). Rates R1,750 per person.