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City Tour
We believe one of the best ways to explore Cape Town itself, is on foot.  Hence on this half day tour, we take in the many sights the City has to offer whilst walking, and spend as little time as possible in the vehicle.  For those of you interested in history & culture, this half day tour is a must.  Rates R1,500 per person.  This tour can also be extended to a full day, with Table Mountain in the afternoon for R2,250 per person.
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Township Tour
The people of the townships of South Africa have a natural zest for life which bubbles over in exuberant spirit of song, smiles and sociability.  This half day walking tour enables you to engage with the community of the Township for an unforgettable, warm and hospitable experience.  
Rates R1,500 per person.
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Foodie Tour

For all our 'foodies' out there, we have a half day walking tour to tantalise your taste buds!  Our history has resulted in a range of culinary cultures that have come together in the Cape, and this afternoon tour takes in street food through to gourmet offerings and bubbles. 
Rates R1,750 per person

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Table Mountain Hiking Tours

From the unfit, to the moderately fit, to the super-charged athletes, we have a range of guided hiking options on Table Mountain!  Standing at 1,087 meters above sea level, Table Mountain certainly is majestic, and well worth it’s acclaimed title as ‘The 7 th Wonder of the Natural World’, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Rates from R1,900 per person for half day hiking tours. 

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Kayaking with Penguins

It is not every day you get the chance to kayak with penguins!   On this tour you can enjoy a 2 hour kayak experience, getting up close to indigenous African Penguins in their natural habitat, as well as view other sea life such as seals, in a marine protected area in False Bay.   Rates R1,750 per person.  This tour can also be extended to a full day, visiting the Cape of Good Hope & Cape Point in the afternoon for R2,750 per person.

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